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About Us


I am, and always will be at heart, a special education teacher who needed more flexibility in her schedule.  When my daughter started preschool, I realized that this wonderful career I had chosen still didn't allow me the flexibility to do what was best for my own children.  I needed to be able to pick her up when her day was over, which occurred before mine.  This battle went on and on until I realized, I could have more flexible hours and still do what I loved- teach! 


With another daughter a few years away from preschool, this was going to be an ongoing dilemma for us.  So we made the decision to piggyback off my mother's business and sell online.  This has given me wonderful flexibility to do what is best for my kids, still communicate with adults, and earn an income for our family.  So, here I am, selling the things I enjoy and trust to be reliable.  My own Cricut has given me HOURS of reliable use!  

Because we are home-based and child-friendly, it is not always possible to answer each call as it comes in.  Please leave a message if you reach our voicemail, as we often return calls in just a few minutes.